A Survey of Advanced Usages of X.500
RFC 1491

Document Type RFC - Informational (July 1993; No errata)
Also known as FYI 21
Authors Chris Weider  , Russ Wright 
Last updated 2013-03-02
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Network Working Group                                          C. Weider
Request for Comments: 1491                           Merit Network, Inc.
FYI: 21                                                        R. Wright
                                            Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
                                                               July 1993

                  A Survey of Advanced Usages of X.500

Status of this Memo

   This memo provides information for the Internet community.  It does
   not specify an Internet standard.  Distribution of this memo is


   This document is the result of a survey asking people to detail their
   advanced usages of X.500. It is intended to show how various
   organizations are using X.500 in ways which extend the view of X.500
   as a "White Pages" service.  This RFC is a product of the Integrated
   Directory Services Working Group of the Application and User Services
   Areas of the IETF.

1. Introduction

   As the use of X.500 spreads in the Internet, organizations are
   finding uses for it which go beyond the "white pages" paradigm which
   has been used to introduce it to new users. Consequently, to document
   those new uses and to encourage the wider use of X.500, we sent out a
   survey to obtain "advanced usages" of X.500.

1.1 The survey

   The survey we sent out is included here for two purposes:

   1) completeness, and
   2) we'd like to encourage anyone who retrieves this document to send
      us their advanced usage for inclusion in the next revision.

   If you wish to fill this out, please send it to the working group
   list: IDS@merit.edu.

Integrated Directory Services Working Group                     [Page 1]
RFC 1491                 X.500 Advanced Usages                 July 1993


   Application Name:


   Company or Institution:

   e-mail address for more information:

   If this is a product for public distribution, please give us the
     FREE               - Anyone may obtain this product at zero cost.
     COMMERCIAL PRODUCT - One may purchase this product.
     PROTOTYPE/RESEARCH - This product is not yet available, only a

   If FREE, please give us:
     * FTP and/or FTAM address (if available via FTP and/or FTAM):

   If COMMERCIAL, please give us:
     * Directions to obtain product:

   Availability: (When will product be available?)

   List of platforms product runs on:
   [The platform list can be general - e.g. UNIX]

   Short Description (< 100 words):

   Full Description (< 1 page):

                   Fig. 1: Advanced Usages Survey Template


   This survey went out to the following mailing lists: osi-
   ds@cs.ucl.ac.uk, disi@merit.edu (now ids@merit.edu), and

Integrated Directory Services Working Group                     [Page 2]
RFC 1491                 X.500 Advanced Usages                 July 1993

1.2 Disclaimer

   Descriptions of the advanced usages were written by the implementors,
   and not by the members of IDS. Although IDS has worked with the
   description authors to ensure readability, no guarantees can be made
   regarding the validity of descriptions. Caveat emptor.

2. The Survey Responses

2.1 Index to Responses

   Application                                                   Page

   2.2.1  Global Time-table Information Service ................    3
   2.2.2  Pre-Message Security Protocol         ................    4
   2.2.3  Electronic Data Interchange           ................    5
   2.2.4  Network Topology Information          ................    7  Shared Whois Information Project    ................    7  EARN's Network Directory            ................    8
   2.2.5  Soft Pages                            ................    9
   2.2.6  X-Tel                                 ................   10
   2.2.7  Xerox Clearinghouse                   ................   12
   2.2.8  X.500 Sendmail                        ................   13
   2.2.9  Transparent ODA Conversion            ................   14
   2.2.10 X.500 and the whois protocol          ................   16
   2.2.11 X.400 table handling                  ................   17

2.2 Survey Responses

2.2.1 Global Time-table Information Service

   Application Name: Global Time-table Information Service based on X.500

   Date Received: 7/1/1992

   Date Last Validated: 7/1/1992

     Jens Hofmann
     Cuno Lanz

   Company or Institution:
     Laboratory of Computer Engineering and Networks,
     Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich)

   e-mail address for more information:
     c=CH; a=ARCOM; p=SWITCH; o=ETHZ; ou=TIK; s=Lanz (lanz@tik.ethz.ch)
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