Shepherd writeup

Re: draft-zulr-mpls-tp-linear-protection-switching-11.txt

for publication in the Independent Stream

ISE comments (sent as Shepherd Write-up)

Its abstract says"
  "The IETF Standards Track solution for MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-
   TP) Linear Protection is provided in RFC 6378, draft-ietf-mpls-psc-
   updates and draft-ietf-mpls-tp-psc-itu.

   This document describes the pre-standard implementation of MPLS-TP
   Linear Protection that has been deployed by several network operators
   using equipment from multiple vendors.  At the time of publication
   these pre-standard implementations were still in operation carrying
   live traffic.

   The specified mechanism supports 1+1 unidirectional/bidirectional
   protection switching and 1:1 bidirectional protection switching.  It
   is purely supported by MPLS-TP data plane, and can work without any
   control plane."

As such, this is heading towards being an RFC that documents an existing
implementation; its authors want to make that clear, and proposed a
modified "Status of this Memo" to do that.  Instead it will have the
usual (RFC 5741) SOTM for the Independent Stream, but I will add an
ISE note to make the authors intentions clear.

It was reviewed for me by Scott Bradner, Sue Hares and Andrew Malis.
Andrew provided a very detailed review, with lots of suggested
improvements to the draft's language.  The authors will consider those,
and I will check that any changes made are indeed 'editorial,' not

Nevil Brownlee (Independent Submissions Editor)