Shepherd writeup

ISE write-up for: draft-wilde-xml-patch-10

  "The XML Patch document format defines an XML document structure for
   expressing a sequence of patch operations to be applied to an XML
   document.  The XML Patch document format builds on the foundations
   defined in RFC 5261.  This specification also provides the media type
   registration "application/xml-patch+xml", to allow the use of XML
   Patch documents in, for example, HTTP conversations."

This draft was discussed originally in appsawg, it was eventually parked
there.  It became an Independent Submission in June 2013, I suggested
the author air it on the media-types list.

It was reviewed for me by Tony Hansen and Julian Reschke, its author
worked with the reviewers to published newer versions.

It requests a code point in the media types registry, Barry Leiba offered
support for that.

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