Shepherd writeup

# Summary

Sean Turner is the Document Shepherd.
Alexey Melnikov is the Sponsoring AD.

This is a short document that defines CMS content types for CBOR and CBOR Sequence. The former defines a content type for a single CBOR-encoded object and the later defines a content type for a sequence of CBOR-encoded objects.

The document is intended for Informational status because that is all that is needed.

# Review and Consensus

To the best of my knowledge there has been no extensive discussion about this draft.  That's not necessarily a bad thing because there's not really a lot of discussion necessary to define a CMS content type for these two CBOR-encoded objects.

# Intellectual Property

The Shepherd confirmed with the author that to his direct, personal knowledge of any IPR related to this document has already been disclosed, in conformance with BCPs 78 and 79.

# Other Points

Three OIDs need to be registered for this document: 1 for the ASN.1 module in Section 4 and one for each of the Content Type OIDs in Sections 2 and 3 (and technically in 4).  All of these are noted in the IANA Considerations Section.