Shepherd writeup

ISE write-up for: draft-saintandre-jabber-scribe-04

  "During IETF meetings, individual volunteers often help sessions run
   more smoothly by relaying information back and forth between the
   physical meeting room and an associated textual chatroom.  Such
   volunteers, commonly called "Jabber scribes", might benefit from the
   suggestions provided in this document.

   This document provides suggestions for fulfilling the role of a
   Jabber scribe, based on the authors' personal experience as well as
   input from other individuals who frequently volunteer as scribes."

This is an Editorial draft in the Independent Stream.

It's Acknowledgments section lists the many people who contributed to
it; it was reviewed for me by Wes George.  It's authors have improved
its text in response to the issues raised.

This draft has no IANA Considerations.

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