Shepherd writeup

1. Summary
This document requests assignment of the URN NID "eidr", to be assigned
to the Entertainment Identifier Registry Association.  It is an
Informational document, required to be in the IETF stream by the
registration rules in RFC 3406.  Barry Leiba is the document shepherd
and responsible AD.

2. Review and Consensus
The document was reviewed in March on the urn-nid list, and the author
responded to comments by Ted Hardie and Dale Worley, making suitable
changes and clarifications.  There were no follow-up comments after the
update, and the document shepherd considers it to be ready to go.

[Note that the URNbis working group is in the process of proposing an
update to RFC 3406 that will change the registration procedure for URN
NIDs so that they no longer require IETF review.  In the meantime, we
will continue to get these rather straightforward requests in the IETF

3. Intellectual Property
The author has no direct, personal knowledge of any IPR related to this

4. Other Points
The "Intended status" line is missing from the draft's header.  It should
be thus: "Intended status: Informational"