Report from the IETF Workshop on Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Infrastructure, May 28, 2008

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Technical Summary
  This document reports the outcome of a workshop organized by the
   Real-time Applications and Infrastructure Area Directors of the IETF
   to discuss network delay and congestion issues resulting from
   increased P2P traffic volumes.  The workshop was held on May 28, 2008
   at MIT in Cambridge, MA, USA.  The goals of the workshop were
   twofold: to understand the technical problems ISPs and end users are
   experiencing as a result of high volumes of P2P traffic, and to begin
   to understand how the IETF may be helpful in addressing these

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AQM (Adaptive Queue Management

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The general class of congestion problems attributable to always-on,
high-volume applications require the development of solutions that are
reasonable for operators, applications, and subscribers.

(2) In Section 2, in the sentence below, please change the word "may" to
"will likely":

Although the workshop focused primarily on the specific causes and
effects of current P2P traffic volumes, it may be useful in the future for
the IETF to consider how to pursue solutions to these larger problems.

(3) In Section 4, please add the following sentence to the end of the
last paragraph:

Even users with dedicated bandwidth can experience delays as their own
P2P traffic saturates the link and dominates their own more
latency-sensitive traffic.

(4) Please replace Appendix C with the following:

1.  Welcome/Note Well/Intro Slides
	Cullen Jennings

2.  Service Provider Perspective (Comcast)
	Rich Woundy and Jason Livingood

3.  Application Designer Perspective (BitTorrent)
	Stanislav Shalunov

4.  Lightning Talks & General Discussion
	Robb Topoloski
	Nick Weaver
	Leslie Daigle

5.  Localization and Caches
	Laird Popkin and Haiyong Xie
	Yu-Shun Wang
	Vinay Aggrawal

6.  New Approaches to Congestion
	Bob Briscoe
	Marcin Matuszewski

7.  Quality of Service
	Mary Barnes
	Henning Schulzrinne

8.  Conclusions & Wrap-Up

(5) Please add the following text at the end of Appendix D:

Position papers:

Nick Weaver - The case for "Ugly Now" User Fairness

Paul Jessop - Position paper of the RIAA

Nikloaos Laotaris, Pablo Rodriguez, Laurent Massoulie - ECHOES:
Edge Capacity Hosting Overlays of Nano Data Centers

Bruce Davie, Stefano Previdi, Jan Medved, Albert Tian - Peer
Selection Guidance

Marie-Jose Montpetit - Community Networks: getting P2P out of prison
- the next steps

D. Bryan, S. Dawkins, B. Lowekamp, E. Shim - Infrastructure-related
Attributes of App Scenarios for P2PSIP

Jiang XingFeng - Analysis of the Service Discovery in DHT network

R. Penno - P2P Status and Requirements

Patrick Crowley and Shakir James - Symbiotic P2P: Resolving the
conflict between ISPs and BitTorrent through mutual cooperation

Robb Topolski  - Framing Peer to Peer File Sharing

M. Stiemerling, S. Niccolini, S. Kiesel, J. Seedorf - A Network
Cooperative Overlay System

Y. Wang, S. Tan, R. Grove - Traffic Localization with Multi-Layer,
Tracker-Based Peer-to-Peer Content Distribution Architecture

Haiyong Xie, Y. Richard Yang, Avi Silberschatz, Arvind
Krishnamurthy, Laird Popkin - P4P: Provider Portal for P2P Applications

Michael Merritt, Doug Pasko, Laird Popkin - Network-Friendly
Peer-to-Peer Services

Camiant (Jackson) - Camiant Submission

Jason Livingood, Rich Woundy - Comcast Submission

Benny Rodrig - Enterprise IP Networks and the P2P Traffic Load

Ted Hardie - Peer-to-Peer traffic and "Unattended Consequences"

Jiang XingFeng, Ning Zong - Content Replication for Internet P2P

Sandvine (Dundas) - Analysis of Traffic Demographics in Broadbank

Sandvine (Dundas) - Traffic  Management in a World with Network

Stanislav Shalunov - Users want P2P, we make it work

R. Cuevas, A. Cuevas, I. Martinez-Yelmo, C. Guerrero - Internet
scale mobility service: a case study on building a DHT based service for

M. Barnes, B. McCormick - Peer to Peer Infrastructure

Henning Schulzrinne - Encouraging Bandwidth Efficiency for
Peer-to-Peer Applications

Damien Saucez, Benoit Donnet, Olivier Bonaventure, Dimitri
Papdimitriou - Towards an Open Path Selection Architecture

Eric Rescorla - Notes on P2P Blocking and Evasion

Vinay Aggrawal, Anja Feldmann - ISP-Aided Neighbor Selection in P2P

Enrico Marocco, Vijay K. Gurbani, Volker Hilt, Ivica Rimac, Marco
Tomsu - Peer-to-Peer Infrastructure: A Survey of Research on the
Application-Layer Traffic Optimization Problem and the Need for Layer

Tony Moncaster, Bob Briscoe, Louise Burness - Is There a Problem
With Peer-to-peer Traffic?

David Sohn, Alissa Cooper - Peer-to-Peer Infrastructure

Bob Briscoe, Lou Burness, Tony Moncaster, Phil Eardley - Solving
this traffic management problem... and the next, and the next

Hannes Tschofenig, Marcin Matuszewski - Dealing with P2P Traffic in an
Operator Network

Jean-François Mulé - CableLabs submission

Alan Arolovitch - Peer&#8208;to&#8208;peer infrastructure: Case for
cooperative P2P caching

Leslie Daigle - Defining Success:  Questions for the Future of the
Internet and Bandwidth-Intensive Activities

William Check, Rex Bullinger -- NCTA Position Paper

Jari Arkko - Incentives and Deployment Considerations for P2PI Solutions