Shepherd writeup

1) Summary
This document is a position paper that describes how Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities ought to be accommodated
in ICN protocols like CCNx or NDN which employ flow-balanced
Interest/Data exchanges and hop-by-hop forwarding state as their
fundamental machinery.

2) Review and Consensus
QoS in ICN is an important topic with a huge design space. ICNRG has
been discussing different specific protocol mechanisms as well as
conceptual approaches. This document presents architectural
considerations for QoS, leveraging ICN properties instead of merely
applying IP-QoS mechanisms - without defining a specific architecture
or specific protocols mechanisms yet. However, there is consensus in
ICNRG that this document, clarifying the author's views, could
inspire such work and should hence be published as a position paper.

The draft was reviewed for the IRSG by Eve Schooler.