Shepherd writeup

ISE write-up for: draft-mcdonald-ldap-printer-schema-10


  "This document defines a schema, object classes and attributes, for
   Printers and Print Services, for use with directories that support
   Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (RFC 4510).  This document is
   based on the Printer attributes listed in Appendix E of Internet
   Printing Protocol/1.1 (RFC 2911).  Additional Printer attributes are
   based on definitions in the Printer MIB v2 (RFC 3805), IEEE-ISTO PWG 
   Command Set for IEEE 1284 Device ID (PWG 5107.2), IEEE-ISTO PWG IPP
   Job and Printer Extensions - Set 3 (PWG 5100.13), and IEEE-ISTO PWG
   IPP Everywhere (PWG 5100.14).  
   This memo is an independent submission to the RFC Editor Stream by
   the Internet Printing Protocol Working Group of the IEEE-ISTO Printer
   Working Group, as part of their PWG IPP Everywhere (PWG 5100.14)
   project for secure mobile printing with vendor-neutral Client
   This document obsoletes RFC 3712." 

It was reviewed for me by Alexy Melnokov, and also by Mike Sweet.

It has a long IANA Considerations section. specifying OIDs in the
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Parameters Registry.
Many of the OIDs it sepcifes were previously assigned in RFC 3712, but
some have changed, and some new OIDs have been added.  IANA have had a
preliminary look at it, but this is an 'Expert Review' registry;
I suspect IESG will need to nominate an expert for this.

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