Shepherd writeup

This document is intended for publication as an Informational RFC on in the Independent Submissions stream.

It describes a set of hierarchical file layout conventions for storage and transfer of arbitrary digital content called BagIt. BagIt is used across the Internet by a number of organisations involved in archiving and digital preservation (some are listed in the document), and multiple implementations exist. This document serves to provide a stable anchor for further implementations to enable interworking and enhance the deployability on the Internet. The document includes (ss 6.1) practical considerations for implementers and users intended to promote interoperability.

This document was first brought to the ISE in 2012 at revision -08, and appeared to have no natural home in the IETF. 

The ISE collected a number of reviews including from Susan Hares, Stephen.Abrams, John Klensin, Dave Crocker, and Martin Duerst.
The document was also notified to the APS Dir list in 2016, and was shown to the RSE. The ISEB also provided general input.
The ISE also, of course, did a review.

The history is way too long to present all of the reviews in this write-up, but further information can be provided on request.