Shepherd writeup

ISE write-up for: draft-jabley-dnssec-trust-anchor-14

  "The root zone of the Domain Name System (DNS) has been
   cryptographically signed using DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC).

   In order to obtain secure answers from the root zone of the DNS using
   DNSSEC, a client must configure a suitable trust anchor.  This
   document describes the format and publication mechanisms IANA has
   used to distribute the DNSSEC trust anchors."

This draft was discussed in the dnsop wg, but it's authors
decided to take it to the Independent Stream.

This draft was reviewed for me by Paul Hoffman, Wouter Wijngaards,
Ralf Weber and Richard Lamb.  The authors have made changes to address
issues highlighted by the reviewers; they now feel that although ICANN
might change their working procedures in the future, the draft documents
"what we've been doing since 2010".  

This draft has no IANA Considerations, however I have asked them to
review this draft.

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