Shepherd writeup

# Document Shepherd

Sara Dickinson

# Technical Summary

This document performs a detailed review of the history of both specification activities in the IETF of transient numeric identifiers, and the implementation of the resulting RFCs. It analyses how the security and privacy properties of the resulting protocols and various implementations have evolved over time, and highlights that in some cases the same sub-optimal patterns have occurred for different identifiers. It servers as a motivational document for two other drafts, I-D.irtf-pearg-numeric-ids-generation and I-D.gont-numeric-ids-sec-considerations which provide guidance on how to improve the process in future.

# Document Quality

The document was initially published in 2016, and has received a variety of reviews following presentation in the SEC area and in SECDISPATCH at different times. It underwent multiple revisions before being presented to PEARG in July 2019 where it was adopted in August 2019. It has received several further reviews from the PEARG members and passed RGLC in December 2020.

Note that the nits tool shows many obsoleted references, but this it to expected given the nature of the document as a review article.