Shepherd writeup

This document is the product and represents the consensus of the Coding for Efficient Network Communications Research Group (NWCRG). It discusses opportunities for adding network coding techniques above the network OSI layer in satellite communication systems.

The document went through two RG Last Calls (April 2019 and October 2019), it has been shared on the list as well (which generated many challenging yet useful comments from one of the participants), and has been carefully reviewed by the RG Chairs. I believe this document is now ready for IRSG review.

Following the IESG evaluation, and more particularly Benjamin Kaduk comment, the authors added in v15 related works on VSAT (in)security that calls for traffic encryption. The other comment on related IETF work is well known by the IRTF group and authors. There is no direct reference in this document, but this is the case in RFC 8406 (cited) for instance.