Shepherd writeup

This document is the product and represents the consensus of the Coding for Efficient Network Communications Research Group (NWCRG). It discusses complex relationships between FEC coding and congestion control, explaining how these technologies can coexist when applied end-to-end, and opens to various research questions in the domain.

This document has been adopted as RG Item document in November 2019, directly after the presentation of the individual document version -00. There was a broad consensus during the November 2019 NWCRG meeting (confirmed on the list) about the importance of the topic, in particular in order to combat bad practices and wrong ideas. Since then the document went through regular updates and has been discussed at lenght during all the following IETF meetings. We held a RG Last Call in May-June 2021 during which I reviewed the document and found only minor issues, that have been fixed. The document has previously been extensively reviewed, essentially by the chairs.

I therefore believe this document represents a consensus of our RG and is now ready for IRSG review.

Vincent Roca