Shepherd writeup

(applying the short essay style for write-up)

1. Summary

Document shepherd is Pasi Sarolahti. Responsible Area Director is
Martin Stiemerling.

This document reclassifies old, unused TCP-related RFCs into Historic
status. In addition, a selection of other old RFCs are reclassified as
Informational. It is an administrative document that does not specify
any protocol modifications.

2. Review and Consensus

Document was reviewed by multiple TCPM WG participants. Given its
administrative nature, there has been no controversy over it, and it
is generally supported by the TCPM community.

The inclusion of the TCPMUX document (RFC 1078) raised some discussion
earlier, because implementations of TCPMUX have been reported in some OS
distributions, although it is not in use to our knowledge. There was
consensus in the TCPM WG that because of the operational and
security concerns in TCPMUX, it should also be declared Historic.

3. Intellectual Property

All authors have confirmed that they do not know of any undisclosed IPR
related to this document.

4. Other Points

Because this is an administrative document reclassifying existing
documents, it does not involve new IANA considerations or security
considerations, nor new registries.

ID nits complains about an obsolete normative reference to RFC
761. This can be ignored, because the purpose of this document is to move
RFC 761, along with other documents, to Historic status.