Shepherd writeup

1. Summary

The document shepherd is Theresa Enghardt. The responsible Area Director is Spencer Dawkins.

This document recommends a minimal set of transport services offered by end systems, based on the set of existing transport protocol features surveyed in RFC 8303. It summarizes which transport features are worth exposing to an application, in contrast to those which can be automated within a transport system, addressing TAPS agenda item 2. Furthermore, the document gives guidance on choosing among the available mechanisms and protocols.
The intended publication type is Informational, as the document provides useful information about transport services. Its Appendix documents the Working Group's bottom-up process of finding the right abstraction for the transport system interface.

2. Review and Consensus

As this document generalizes and categorizes primitives that are already standardized in the RFC series, there was few controversy about them.
Initially, there was not a lot of interest in this agenda item, but eventually the document was extensively reviewed and discussed by half a dozen active Working Group participants. In addition, on WGLC the body of the document was reviewed by a person who had not read the document before, who found it easy to understand and ready for publication.

Much of the discussion was about coming up with consistent terminology and about finding the right scope, which now focuses on features of existing transport protocols that can be implemented over TCP, or UDP if certain limitations are put in place.
It was discussed whether to include security features, and finally after broadening the TAPS charter, they were put in a separate document.

3. Intellectual Property

This document introduces no new technologies beyond those already published.

4. Other Points

There are no normative downward references and no IANA considerations.