DTLS-SRTP Handling in SIP Back-to-Back User Agents

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Comment (2016-04-12)
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Thanks for handling my DISCUSS points.

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Comment (2016-03-01 for -10)
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Thanks for addressing my discuss points. 

You still have a reference to 3.1.1 in section 5.1.2, which I guess
should now be a reference to 5.1.1. I didn't check if there are any
other similar internal references that need fixing.

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Comment (2015-12-02 for -09)
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Dan Romascanu performed the opsdir review

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Comment (2015-12-02 for -09)
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I support at least some of Alissa's and Stephen's DISCUSS points.

In particular, I'm not fully in agreement with Alissa on her point 1: We do sometimes (and should) make normative statements about how protocols should work and should be used, even with knowledge that those statements may (will) be ignored.  Sometimes it's to keep the protocol tight; sometimes it's to provide a lever ("The IETF has a standard that says that what you're doing is wrong!").

Because of that, Alissa's point 2 is particularly important: We have to stop the general practice of watering down normative statement in protocols as a way of mollifying people who don't like them.  If the right thing is to say "MUST do X", we should not say "SHOULD do X" because we know that some implementations don't and won't do X.  In particular, here, if there's any value in this, it's necessary to be strict and clear to expose that value.

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Comment (2015-12-01 for -09)
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I like the idea of documenting the methods used for MiTM to provide ways to avoid that in practice, but support Alyssa'a discuss points to make this point more clear (purpose of this documentation) and her concerns about what happens in actual implementations.  I'd like to hear more on whether this should be standards track or informational as well and will follow along with her discuss thread.

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