BGP Prefix Origin Validation State Extended Community

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 10 and is now closed.

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Comment (2016-12-13 for -10)
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- section 2, super-nit: when you say "the last octet ...
encodes" that is a teeny bit ambiguous, as it could just
about be read to mean that the last octet is a bit mask,
leading someone's code to not correctly handle future
values >2. So it might be good to be that little bit more
explicit that the other 6 bits of that octet are also
important, even if they're not defined now. IOW, if a
device sees a value 4 in there then it MUST NOT treat that
as valid by only seeing zeroes in the two low order bits.
(And btw, I assume network byte order is generically
understood here too, not sure if that also needs to be
stated, probably not, as that ought be generic for encoding
integers within extensions I guess.)

- section 2: Is "By default, ... SHOULD drop..." correct?
I think what you mean is "By default ... MUST drop" as the
case for not dropping is not the default. Or, you could say
"SHOULD drop except when... " and not have to mention any
default. (Note: I'm only questioning the wording here, not
the semantics, which seems fine.)

- section 6: I didn't read all the references, but is there
anything to be said about possible differences in the
duration for which one is vulnerable to not yet seeing a
revocation for a node that sees this extension, vs a node
that does origin validation itself? If a node having seen
this extension were to remember the origin for a lot longer
than one that does validation itself, then that might be
worth noting here, but I don't know how the relative
timings might pan out, so not sure. (And apologies if this
is covered in the references I didn't check out;-)

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