Shepherd writeup

1. Summary

This is pretty simple/short draft that defines/registers two Application Layer Protocol Negotiation (ALPN) [RFC7301] values to enable an endpoint to positively identify WebRTC uses and distinguish them from other DTLS uses (i.e., provide media isolation).  The two values are webrtc and c-webrtc; the first identifies a session that uses a combination of WebRTC compatible media and data, and the second identifies a session requiring confidentiality protection.

As far as where you should point your fingers:
- Sean Turner is the document shepherd, and;
- Alissa Cooper is the responsible Area Director.

2. Review and Consensus

As compared with a lot of other RTCweb WG drafts, there hasn’t been a whole lot of list traffic about this draft, but this owes to the fact that it’s a very simple draft.  The WG did consider other alternatives [0], but settled on and discussed the ALPN approach [1][2][3].  Note that the idea was first presented at IETF 89 [4].


3. Intellectual Property

All disclosed as confirmed by the author on 20160223.

4. Other Points

IANA is requested to register two entries in the ALPN registry:
The registry requests use the template provided in RFC 7301.

Note that I’ll forward the IETF LC to the TLS WG for information.

Finally, this has been shipping in (at least) Firefox for over a year.