Shepherd writeup

Technical Summary

This document updates RFC 7484 by describing an operational practice 
that can be used to add structure to RDAP identifiers that makes it 
possible to identify the authoritative server for additional RDAP queries.

Working Group Summary

draft-ietf-regext-rdap-object-tag is on best current practice track.  
The document defines an entity identifier structure in RFC 7484 to 
support identifying the authoritative server for additional RDAP queries.

Document Quality

This document has been discussed on the mailing lists of the regext 
working group.  The authors have addressed all comments and 
changes have been incorporated in the document.  

Verisign Labs and OpenRDAP have working implementations of this specification.


Document shepherd is James Gould,
Area Director is Adam Roach,

Shepherd Comments

As document shepherd I have verified that all the JSON examples. The “…” convention 
used in the examples was removed to perform the verification.  The rdapConformance structure 
example JSON snippet verified by adding the leading “{“ and the trailing “}” characters.  

The author has confirmed following BCP78 and BCP79 in the document header.
No IPR disclosures have been submitted for this document.

The IANA considerations follow the defined format for the submission of the 
RDAP Service Providers Registry and the RDAP Extensions Registry.  

All normative and informative references have been verified.

After carefully reviewing the mailings lists of the regext working 
group I have found no objections to this document. From IETF meetings I recall 
broad consensus that this document is ready for publication.

As document shepherd I believe this document is ready for publication.