Shepherd writeup

Document Shepherd Writeup
Technical Summary
The Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) includes a client authentication scheme that is based on a user identifier and password.  The structure of the password field is defined by an XML Schema data type that specifies minimum and maximum password length values, but there are no other provisions for password management other than changing the password.  This document describes an EPP extension that allows longer passwords to be created and adds additional security features to the EPP login command and response.

Working Group Summary
The WG discussed this topic in both mailing list and at meetings; there are no controversies or lack of coverage.  The working group agreed to submit this draft for publication on the Standards Track.  There were several in-depth discussions on password complexity and its indicator ‘[LOGIN-SECURITY]’.  The WG reached consensus on the approach.

Document Quality
There is one registry implementation captured in the Implementation Status section. 

Shepherd: Joseph Yee <>
AD: Barry Leiba

Shepherd Comment
The document shepherd reviewed the latest version (-08) of the document and this document’s discussion both on the mailing list and in meetings (both REGEXT).  The shepherd has no concern on the depth or breadth of the reviews that have been performed.  There are several XML samples and one formal syntax on the XML.  The shepherd ran the syntax check against the XML in section 5.1 Formal Syntax and found no error.

There is no IPR disclosure regarding this draft.