Protocol Independent Multicast - Sparse Mode (PIM-SM): Protocol Specification (Revised)

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 04 and is now closed.

(Alia Atlas) Yes

(Adrian Farrel) Yes

Comment (2015-03-09 for -04)
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Thank you so much for revising this spec. The number of errata was  
getting embarrassing and handling that alone makes this a very worthwhile
piece of work.

But additionally, this represents a milestone for PIM, an effort that
started as Experimental, and which is now widely deployed.


You continue to list Bill's coordinates and email as they appeared on
RFC 4601. Is this intentional, or should you update his coordinates?
Even if he wants the credit to still show ATT, an up-to-date email 
address would be good.


Please look at replacing the reference to 5996 with a reference to 7296

(Brian Haberman) (was Discuss) Yes

Comment (2015-05-18 for -05)
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Thanks for working through the authentication issue with me.

Alvaro Retana Yes

Comment (2015-05-19 for -05)
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Just a little bit of history in case this draft looks familiar to some of you.

This document was on the telechat agenda for 2015-03-12, but it was removed before the call to resolve a DISCUSS from Brian Haberman.  That issue has now been resolved.

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Comment (2015-08-12 for -05)
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Bill Atwood sent me a great explanation for how IPsec actually works
with PIM-SM here. I think adding a version of that to the security
considerations text here would be a fine thing, but that's a non-blocking
comment, so do add that or not as you see fit. (It was a very clear and
easy to follow description of what one needs to setup to get IPsec to
work usefully here so I hope you do include a version.)

Thanks for bearing with me in the meantime.

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Comment (2015-05-28 for -05)
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I support Stephen's discuss points.


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