OSPF Extensions for Segment Routing

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Comment (2017-12-13 for -23)
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Substantive Comments:

- Requirements Language: There are a few instances of 2119 keywords in lower case. Please consider if those are meant to be normative. If not, then please use the boilerplate from RFC 8184, which explicitly excludes lower case instances as normative keywords.

-3.1, 2nd to last paragraph: Why aren't the 3 "SHOULDs" "MUSTs"? It seems like these might have an impact on interoperability, or at least predictable behavior in edge conditions.

-3.4: (same comment as for 3.1)

Editorial Comments and Nits:

-1, first paragraph: There are a lot of ideas packed into that paragraph. It's not clear to me which the "For example" sentences means to exemplify.

-3.3, 2nd to last paragraph: Why is "NOT" capitalized?

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Comment (2017-12-13 for -23)
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* It would be good to clarify that this document is intended for OSPFv2 only (probably in the title and/or abstract). It may also be worthwhile for the document and/or the Shepherd writeup to explain why the WG decided to separate the OSPFv3 extensions into a different document.

* I think RFC2328 should be a Normative Reference and not an informative reference.

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Comment (2017-12-13 for -23)
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I'm not sure that Susan Hare's OpsDir review (from -17) was addressed, unless it is:
  Reception of malformed TLV or Sub-TLV SHOULD be counted and/or logged for further analysis.  Logging of malformed TLVs and Sub-TLVs should be rate-limited to prevent a Denial of Service (DoS) attack (distributed or otherwise) from overloading the OSPF control plane."
If this text was intended to cover it, I think it falls short - it is better than nothing, but I think could be clearer

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Comment (2017-12-14 for -24)
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The document never specifies byte order for length fields.

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