An Overview of the IETF Network Management Standards

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Comment (2012-03-21)
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Thank you for addressing my concerns

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Comment (2012-03-13 for -06)
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I agree with many of Adrian's DISCUSS points.


(1) The last paragraph of section 1.2 should have at
least some reference to an I-D or other document to
indicate what the authors are talking about

(2) Section 3.2 seems odd compared to the rest of the
document, as the RFCs mentioned in this section are
not management standards; several are just
informational RFCs.

(3) At the end of Section 3.4, it says that there are
two protocols standardized, and then has three bullets
underneath.  I think the third bullet should be
separated out, since its relation to OWAMP and TWAMP
is not clearly explained here.

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Comment (2012-03-20)
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Thanks for working through my Discuss

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Comment (2012-03-15 for -06)
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(Sorry, timed out so only got to look at the 1st 30 pages
or so so far. Looks like a useful doc though.)

- Sometimes (e.g. for COPS) you say not to bother (which is
good), but other times you don't (e.g. ACAP), which is a pity.
I'd have liked consistent editorialisng like that all over
the place. (Though I realise it might not be easy, but even
knowing "opinions differ" would be useful.)

- FCAPS - where is this "outside the IETF" to which you
refer on p36? If its not a secret place, be good to be

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