Shepherd writeup

Document: draft-ietf-opsawg-coman-use-cases 
WG: OpsAWG. 
Shepherd: Warren Kumari

This version of the writeup is dated 24 February 2012.

[ Note: This document is a companion document to
draft-ietf-opsawg-coman-probstate-reqs. They should probably progress
together. The shepherd writeup is also very similar...

(1)Informational - this document is an informational
problem statement and requirements document.

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Technical Summary:

Constrained devices (limited CPU, memory, and power resources) can be
connected to a network. This network may also be constrained or 
challenged (unreliable or lossy channels, wireless technologies with
limited bandwidth and a dynamic topology). This may make traditional
network management a poor fit for these networks. This document
outlines use cases for a network with constrained devices. 

Document Quality:

This document provides an overview and introduction to constrained
networks / networks with constrained devices. It discusses where they
are typically used, and some of the challenges in managing them.
 Special thanks to Thomas Watteyne and Pascal Thubert for 
arranging additional review.


Warren Kumari will be the document shepherd, Benoit Claise will be the

(3) Briefly describe the review of this document that was performed by
the Document Shepherd:
The DS followed the progression of the document through the working
group process, and reviewed the document. 

(4) Does the document Shepherd have any concerns about the depth or
breadth of the reviews that have been performed?
Nope. During the Working Group Last Call the chairs of 6TiSCH and 6LO
asked that the WGLC be extended to allow their WG participants to 
review the document, and so we extend it by a few weeks. The feedback
from these WGs was positive, and we are counting it in the consensus.

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(9) How solid is the WG consensus behind this document?
There is strong consensus from a small group, and good feedback
from 6TiSCH and 6LO. 

(10) Has anyone threatened an appeal or otherwise indicated extreme
Nope. Not at all.

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No issues found here.

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No formal material in the document.

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No normative references exist.

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No normative references exist.

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No action required (clearly stated)

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