Shepherd writeup

1. Summary

This document is an update to RFC 7159 to promote the JSON
format to Internet Standard.  In promoting to Internet
Standard, this document is a minimal update to RFC 7159 to
apply accepted errata and to normatively reference ECMA-404.

Matthew Miller is the document shepherd.  Alexey Melnikov is
the responsible AD.

2. Review and Consensus

This document had numerous reviews, drawn out over several months.
While no new technical concerns were raised, the consensus on this
document is rough due to the unique nature of the normative
reference to ECMA-404.  It is not strictly necessary to understand
ECMA-404 to implement JSON; rather the reference is an agreement
with Ecma TC39 to agree on a single shared definition of JSON.

3. Intellectual Property

As with RFC 7159, there was no WG discussion of IPR given that
this is an update to a format document for which there was no IPR
statements in the first place.

4. Other Points

Ecma TC39 has agreed to publish an update to ECMA-404 to reference
the RFC-to-be 7159bis.  The responsible AD may hold publication
until TC39 makes their change, which is waiting until 7159bis is
assigned a number.