Shepherd writeup

Author is Yoav Nir. Eric Rescorla is the responsible Area Director. 
Tero Kivinen is the document shepherd.

   This document describes the use of the Edwards-curve digital
   signature algorithm in the IKEv2 protocol as proposed standard. 
Review and Consensus
   Version -01 went through WGLC. Changes suggested by the WG 
   participants were mostly editorial. There were three substantive
    (1) That the new value in the hash function registry requested from
      IANA for "Identity" shall not be zero.
    (2) That we will not use the pre-hashed version of the EdDSA
      function (same decision made by TLS and Curdle working groups)
    (3) That we will use a null context (or context-free Ed25519) for
      IKE (same decision reached in TLS and Curdle working groups)
   The resulting document represents WG consensus.
   The document was reviewed by several regular WG participants.
   Apple claims to have a working implementation.
Intellectual Property
   The author has confirmed that he is not aware of any undisclosed IPR 
   associated with this document. There have been no IPR disclosures.
Other Issues