Shepherd writeup

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1. Summary

The document shepherd is Tal Mizrahi, and the responsible area director is Mirja K├╝hlewind.

This document describes Multipoint Alternate Marking, which is a method for measuring loss and delay in a multipoint-to-multipoint network, using an alternate marking field. The document extends the alternate marking method that was previously introduced in RFC 8321 to mp-to-mp scenarios. Note that RFC 8321 is also a document that was published by the IPPM working group.

The intended status of this document is Experimental, as it presents a measurement methodology without defining a specific protocol.

2. Review and Consensus

The draft was first submitted in June 2017, has been reviewed by a fair number of people in the IPPM working group, has had a fair number of supporters, and no objections from the working group. The main comments included clarification questions regarding the description of the measurement procedure and about some of the figures in the document. The draft was adopted by the working group in November 2018. 

During working group last call the draft had a fair number of supporting WG members, with relatively minor comments, and these comments were addressed by the authors.

The authors of this draft have implemented a prototype of the methodology using Open vSwitch in the Mininet emulation environment. The implementation is publicly available, and some experimental evaluation has been published by the authors ("Multipoint Passive Monitoring in Packet Networks", IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking).

The current version of the draft is clear, seems to have resolved all the issues, and has the consensus of the working group.

3. Intellectual Property

Three IPRs have been disclosed regarding this draft:
3035	Telecom Italia SpA's Statement about IPR related to draft-fioccola-ippm-multipoint-alt-mark
3110	Telecom Italia SpA's Statement about IPR related to draft-fioccola-ippm-multipoint-alt-mark
4010	Telecom Italia SpA's Statement about IPR related to draft-ietf-ippm-multipoint-alt-mark

The disclosures are available at

An IPR poll was performed for this draft on the IPPM mailing list. The authors have confirmed on the mailing list that they are not aware of any related IPRs beyond the IPRs above.

4. Other Points

The draft does not include any requests from IANA.