Shepherd writeup

Document Writeup – draft-ietf-ippm-metric-registry-19


The document shepherd is Bill Cerveny. The responsible area director is Mirja Kühlewind.

The requested publication type is best current practice, based on recommendation of the authors and wg, as well as previous experience with metric registries as explained in the draft.

This document defines the format for the IANA Performance Metrics Registry.  This document also gives a set of guidelines for Registered Performance Metric requesters and reviewers.

Review and Consensus

This document has been discussed since 2014 (5 years), initially to support LMAP requirements. This document has broad working group support.

Mock-ups of the implementation of the registry itself have been prepared with IANA's help. A recent version is available here:

Intellectual Property

All authors have confirmed there is no intellectual property to report.