A Widely Deployed Solution to the Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) Fragmentation Problem

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I agree that adding a para in response to Kathleen's discuss is a good plan.

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from Tom Taylor's opsdir review (looks like it's being addressed already)

My apologies -- I let this slip way past due date. This is a review of operational aspects of this document, primarily for use by the OPS area ADs in their evaluation of the document.

Summary: this document describes a commonly encountered set of implemented procedures for handling fragmentation of GRE packets. The described procedures include configuration options. The document is well-written and ready to go subject to the following observations, all of which are trivial except for the second minor issue noted below.

Tom Taylor

1) Very minor issue: there is no advice to the operator on coordinating the configuration of the ingress and egress nodes. Section 3.3.2 assumes that configuration is coordinated (i.e., fragmented GRE delivery packets are reassembled at egress). Section 3.4 simply presents the option. This could be fixed by changing the relevant sentence of and as follows:

   If the delivery packet is fragmented, it is reassembled by the GRE

   If the delivery packet is fragmented, it is reassembled by the GRE
   egress if the latter is configured to do so.

2) Minor issue:,, final paragraph:
   s/delivery header/delivery packet/


Last paragraph before Sec. 3, second line: s/lager/larger/ second paragraph, last line on page 5:
    s/an Next-hop MTU/a Next-Hop MTU value/ first line: s/send/sends/

Sec. 5 last paragraph, fourth last line: s/includes/include/

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Thank you for adding text on fragmentation attacks.

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