Shepherd writeup

1. Summary

draft-ietf-iana2-trust-rationale provides background for changes being made to the IETF Trust. From the abstract:

   The IASA 2.0 changes will have an impact on the IETF Trust because
   members of the IET Administrative Oversight Committee (IAOC) IAOC,
   which is being phased out, have served as Trustees of the IETF Trust.
   This discussion document provides background on the current IETF
   Trust arrangements, explains the effect of the rules in the founding
   documents during a transition to a new arrangement, and provides a
   rationale for the update.

draft-ietf-iana2-trust-update provides a discussion and overview of the forthcoming changes to the IASA, including the elimination of the IAOC, and the impact of those changes on the IETF Trust in particular. It records why the decision was made to keep the IETF Trust intact, rather folding it into a new structure associated with the IASA, and how Trustees will be selected in the absence of the IAOC. It also gives some consideration to the timing of the transition and the necessity of making certain the transition creates no problems for the administration of the IETF Trust. The IASA2.0 WG requests its publication as an Informational RFC.

2. Review and Consensus

This document was reviewed reviewed by the IASA2.0 WG. There was some discussion during WGLC of whether this document should advance to Information RFC or simply be allowed to expire. The group expressed a slight preference for advancing the document, as it is referenced by draft-ietf-iana2-trust-update.

There were a few review comments from the WG that should be implemented before this document becomes an RFC. It is anticipated that those changes will be wrapped into the document with any last call comments. For example, the last sentence of Section 1 now states that this document was not targeting RFC status, which it clearly now is. 

3. Intellectual Property

This document is not a protocol specification and it contains no technical solutions that might require an IPR declaration.

4. Other Points

IDnits reports no significant issues with the document (it does lack a Security Considerations and it has no considerations for the IANA, but it needs neither). In particular, there are no normative downreferences from this document.