Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP/1.1): Range Requests

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Comment (2013-12-18 for -25)
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In Section 3.2: It would be helpful to clarify that the interpretation of the date in an If-Range header is effectively the same as with If-Unmodified-Since.

NEW: "When an HTTP-date value is present in an If-Range header field, the precondition verified by the server is that the representation has not changed since that date (as with the If-Unmodified-Since)."

In Section 6.1: This may be outlandish, but is it possible that in some cases, requesting bytes past the end of a file might cause a buffer overflow or similar?

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Comment (2013-12-18 for -25)
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- 3.2: Is an HTTP-date value a valid value for an entity-tag?
If so, I assume that an If-Range value is interpreted as a
date. Do you need to say that?

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Comment (2013-12-19 for -25)
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 *) I'll not repeats the OWS discuss point from p1.  If it gets changed there I assume it will get changed here.  If not then this can be ignored.

0) Abstract: Maybe would add stateless in front of protocol in the description.

1) s2.1: might be good to have the ABNF match the text;

 The last-byte-pos value gives the
   byte-offset of the last byte, which is OPTIONAL, in the range; that is, the byte
   positions specified are inclusive. 

2) s5.4.1: Please add a pointer to the sec cons of this draft instead of "none".