Shepherd writeup

1. Summary

The document shepherd is Mark Nottingham; the responsible Area Director
is Barry Leiba.

This specification defines the "Authentication-Info" and
"Proxy-Authentication-Info" response header fields, for use in HTTP
authentication schemes that need to return information once the
client's authentication credentials have been accepted.

2. Review and Consensus

This document separates the definition of the "Authentication-Info" and
"Proxy-Authentication-Info" HTTP header fields from RFC2617, so that
they can be used by other HTTP authentication schemes (including some
being actively developed).

As such, the header fields have already enjoyed implementation and
deployment; we have merely re-specified them for more generic use.
Because other Working Groups depend upon this specification to progress
their work items, we have done this work fairly quickly, but with care.

The resulting specification has been reviewed by several Working Group
members, and after a small amount of discussion, its content has been

3. Intellectual Property

Julian Reschke has confirmed that any IPR he's personally aware of
related to this document has been disclosed. No other discussion of
related IPR has taken place.

4. Other Points

The document does not contain any downreferences.

This document updates the IANA Message Headers registry, and contains
clear instructions. It does not establish any new registries.