Shepherd writeup

Author is Julian Reschke. Kathleen Moriarty is the responsible Area 
Director. Yoav Nir is the document shepherd.

   This document defines the "Basic" Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
   Authentication Scheme, which transmits credentials as userid/password
   pairs, obfuscated by the use of Base64 encoding.
Review and Consensus
   This document is (along with Digest) part of a set of documents that
   will collectively replace RFC 2617.  As such, for the most part it 
   describes existing practice, with the addition of support for 
    o A new charset parameter with UTF-8 as the only valid value.
    o A normative reference to the precis draft for valid characters.
    o Appendix B with deployment considerations for co-existing with
      legacy implementations.
   With version -07 it is the consensus of the HTTP-Auth working group 
   that this document is fit to be published as a standards-track RFC.
   There are a few implementations of this specification, and they have 
   been tested and shown to interoperate with the large install base of 
   web browsers and web servers.
Intellectual Property
   All authors have confirmed that they are not aware of any undisclosed 
   IPR associated with this document. There have been no IPR disclosures.
Other Issues