Use cases for DDoS Open Threat Signaling

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Comment (2020-07-04 for -24)
I'll insert my usual whining here about six authors when our preferred limit is five.

And now, a few nits:

Section 2:

* "... may be composed by a cluster of hardware  ..." -- s/by a/of a/ ?

      Each service subscription
      usually involve Service Level Agreement (SLA) that have to be met.
      Each service subscription
      usually involves one or more Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that have to be met.
NEW 2:
      Each service subscription
      usually involves a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that has to be met.

Section 3.1:

* "... considers two kind of DDoS Mitigation ..." -- s/kind/kinds/

* "... decreased to the certain level ..." -- s/to the/to a/ ?

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Comment (2020-07-07)

I found this document to be well written and easy to follow.

One minor nit:

3.3.  DDoS Orchestration

   Then the orchestrator can take
   further actions such as requesting forwarding nodes such as routers
   to filter the traffic.

Perhaps reword this sentence to avoid "such as" twice in the same sentence.


Roman Danyliw Recuse

Comment (2020-07-08)
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I support the publication of this document.  It is an important resource to motivate and explain the use of the DOTS protocol.  Nevertheless, I am recusing myself because as the former DOTS WG and the first shepherd of this document, I had input into the content, especially in early on and in the final stages to get this to WGLC.