Shepherd writeup

Shepherd Writeup for draft-ietf-dnsop-root-loopback

1. Summary

Who is the document shepherd? Who is the responsible Area Director?

The Document Shepherd is Tim Wicinski.  The Responsible Area Director
is Joel Jaggeli.

The document is intended as "Informational" status.  This document
shows how one can start a maintain a copy of the DNS Root Zone data
which can descrease latency, at the cost of adding some operational

2. Review and Consensus

This document came out of several different proposals involving
improving the redundancy of the DNS Root Zone.  The document was the
one which the Working Group was able to gather consensus.  The
discussion behind this was engaging as several felt the trade off of
local copies for speed increased operational fragility.  This document
was not written to become a Best Practice or an Internet Standard, but
as an Informational document to explain how operators currently manage
such tasks.

3. Intellectual Property

There is an IPR disclosure related to this document.  The Authors have
already been aware of this IPR disclosure, and no of no other IPR
disclosure related to this document.  The opinion of the working group
is that the IPR party implies a willingness to commit to not requiring
any licenses or royalties.

4. Other Points

There are no downward references.

This document requires no action from IANA.

The Document Shepherd stands behind this document and feels the
document is ready for publication.

The correct RFC type is indicated in the title page.

The shepherd has run automated checks on the document and it passes
all nits, etc.

All references within this document been identified as either
normative or informative and the shepherd agrees with these.  All
normative references are in a clear state.