Shepherd writeup

1. Summary
The Document Shepherd for this document is Tim Draegen. The responsible Area Director is Alexey Melnikov.

This document is an update of RFC 7601. The document specifies a message header field called Authentication-Results for use with electronic mail messages to indicate the results of message authentication efforts. Changes to the prior specification are made to note support for EAI (internationalized email addresses), refine the ABNF definition to allow for easier citing by external documents (no change in semantics, just a split of an existing term), clarify minor editorial nuances, and to update the "Email Authentication Methods" Registry to allow for communication of DKIM-related information (algorithm and selector).

7601 is a Standards Track document. This update does not change the intended status.

2. Review and Consensus
There is strong consensus for this document in the DMARC WG. The WG set out to update 7601 with only minimal changes needed to bring the document current with existing practice (EAI), ongoing refinement of existing specification (DKIM), and change needed to simplify ongoing WG development (ABNF changes). Editorial changes are only picked up to correct errors and grammar nits. There was some appetite to include additional editorial and content changes, but the WG's scope required changes to be obvious and non-controversial.

3. Intellectual Property
The author has confirmed conformance with BCPs 78 and 79. Seeing as how this is a minor update to an existing document, this is not a surprise.

4. Other Points
No downward references are added. Several previously Informative references are moved to the Normative reference section to reflect the evolution of the specification. Additional Normative references are added due to including support for EAI.

No new IANA registries are created. Two new entries to the "Email Authentication Methods" registry are made, both related to communication of DKIM information using the Authentication-Results email header field. The new entries have already been reviewed and approvied by the designated registry Experts.