Diameter Network Access Server Application

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(Benoît Claise) Yes

(Stephen Farrell) Yes

Comment (2013-12-18)
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- Thank you for section 8.2! (hence the yes:-)

- As a side-comment, and not related to this draft at all, we
should think about whether it'd be worth a look at the TLS
ciphersuites mentioned in 6733 again, now that PFS
ciphersuites are generally being more favoured. If say,
Diameter/TLS were only starting to be deployed now, it might
be worthwhile thinking about key exfiltration attacks and the
impact of those, in the same way that the UTA WG are doing
for other protocols. That could be done with a small RFC that
updated 6733 and basically copied a new set of preferred PFS
ciphersuites from one of the UTA documents, once those have
firmed up a bit.

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