Shepherd writeup

=== 1. Summary ===

The document shepherd is Lionel Morand.
The responsible Area Director is Kathleen Moriarty.

A AAA infrastructure can be used to provision and configure customer edge devices with subscriber-specific information. This document specifies a set of attribute-value pairs (AVPs) to carry over Diameter authorization information for the configuration of the allowed IPv4-over-IPv6 transition methods for a given user. The following transition techniques have been addressed: DS-Lite, LW4over6, MAP-E and the delivery of IPv4 multicast services to IPv4 clients over an IPv6 multicast network. All these techniques are specified by the Softwire WG.

The approach taken in this document is to define a Grouped AVP (i.e. AVPs nested in a single AVP of type "Grouped") that contains the set of information required for each technique, except for the DS-Lite method for which only one information element is required.

=== 2. Review and Consensus ===

After detailed review and clean-up, this document is ready to be published. Some knowledge on the Diameter base protocol is a prerequisite for the understanding of the definition of the AVPs and implementors will have to rely on the documentations from the Softwire WG to be able to know how to use these AVPs. the related Softwire WG documents are put as normative or informative references when appropriate.

The proposed Diameter extensions definitions are simple (definition of new AVPs in extendable Grouped AVPs), and there was no difficulty in coming to consensus on all points.
As it is only about defining new AVPs, there were no real technical discussion in the WG, considering that the proposed AVP definitions were OK in accordance to the Softwire specifications. Comments received in the meeting or on the mailing list have been taken into account. No concern/comment was received during the WGLC.

The IANA considerations section have been reviewed and is consistent with the body of the document. All protocol extensions are associated with appropriate reservations for IANA. AVP code assignment by IANA should be straightforward.

ID nits tool confirms that document meets the internet drafts checklists. 

=== 3. Intellectual Property ===

Each author has confirmed conformance with BCP 78/79.  There are no IPR disclosures on the document.

=== 4. Other Points ===

Two normative references are still in progress:
* I-D.ietf-softwire-lw4over6
* I-D.ietf-softwire-map

As the present specification is only relevant if the above drafts are published as RFCs, the dependency is appropriate.

Three other specifications put as informative reference are still in progress:
* I-D.ietf-softwire-dslite-multicast
* I-D.ietf-softwire-map-dhcp
* I-D.ietf-softwire-multicast-prefix-option
However, there are not essential for this specification.