Ed25519 and Ed448 Public Key Algorithms for the Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol

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Comment (2019-08-06 for -09)
It would be nice if this document briefly noted somewhere what the security properties are of Ed25519 and Ed448, or otherwise give some indication for why supporting these algorithms is a good thing.

In Section 2.1, please use the RFC 8174 boilerplate.

Roman Danyliw No Objection

Comment (2019-08-06 for -09)
A few editorial nits:

** References in Section 3 – 7, 10 to [RFC4251], [RFC4253] and [RFC8032] are showing up in the format “[RFC#], Section x.x [RFC#]”.  For example, “[RFC4253], Section 6.6 [RFC4253]”.  It should likely only be “Section x.x [RFC#]”.

** Section 8.  Typo.  s/the the/the/

** Section 8.  Typo and making it be “an example”, not “the example”.  s/the SSHFP Resource Record for  the Ed448 public key with SHA-256 fingerprint would be example be /The SSHFP Resource Record for a Ed448 public key with a SHA-256 fingerprint would, for example, be/

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Comment (2019-08-06 for -09)
* Section 5

"Signatures are generated according to the procedure in [RFC8032], Section 5.2.6 [RFC8032]."

Shouldn’t this also include Section 5.1.6 of [RFC8032] to generate the signature using Ed25519?

Warren Kumari No Objection

Comment (2019-08-07 for -09)
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As mentioned in email to OpsDir, thanks to Sheng & the authors for addressing comments.

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Comment (2019-08-02 for -09)
I think this document should update RFC4253.

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Comment (2019-08-06 for -09)
Thank you for this short document. I have one COMMENT and a couple of NITs though (minor and trivial to fix)

=== COMMENT ===

--- Section 2.1 ---
Please use RFC 8174 boilerplate.

=== NIT ===
The "Ed25519" is capitalized in section 1 and all uppercase in section 7. 

Section 8 would benefit for editorial review regarding the use of ':' and starting sentence with a capitalized word.