Shepherd writeup

1. Summary

   The document shepherd is S. Moonesamy.  The Responsible Area Director is
   Barry Leiba.

   draft-ietf-appsawg-email-auth-codes register Enhanced Status Codes for
   email authentication failures.  The intended status is Proposed Standard as
   the specification seeks to improve interoperability by allowing the SMTP
   server to provide more information to the SMTP client.

2. Review and Consensus
   The document was discussed by seven participants within the Applications
   Area Working Group and it has the consensus of the working group.  Most of
   issues raised were resolved.  An outstanding issue is the term
   "author-aligned".  It was agreed to resolve that during the Last Call.

   The significant issue was how to handle cases where multiple authentication
   checks failed.  Alexey Melnikov was not convinced about having an enhanced
   status code for that case, but in the end is okay with doing that as it provides more
   information.  There was agreement to assign an enhanced status code for such a

   There was some discussion about whether to register additional enhanced status
   codes for DMARC.  The working group agreed to handle that as part of the
   DMARC work.

   There was a very strong objection to including enhanced status codes for DKIM
   as it violates a recommendation in RFC 6376.  There was agreement to have text
   in this document to make it clear that is not recommended behaviour and
   it is a local policy decision, and this allayed the objections.

3. Intellectual Property

   There isn't any IPR disclosure referencing this document.  The author has
   confirmed that the document is in full conformance with BCP 78 and BCP 79.

4. Other points

   The document updates RFC 7208, as it registers a new enhanced status
   code for SPF.  There is an explanation for the update in the Introduction