Shepherd writeup

1. Summary
Jan Seedorf is the document shepherd for draft-ietf-alto-multi-cost. Mirja Kühlewind is the responsible Area Director.

The document itself has a long history, having started as a -00 document in the ALTO WG as an individual draft in October 2010 (author: Sabine Randriamasy).  It transitioned to a WG document in May 2015 (after the ALTO WG had been re-chartered to work on extensions to the original ALTO protocol as specified in RFC 7285) (authors: Sabine Randriamasy, Wendy Roome, Nico Schwan).

The ALTO protocol as specified in RFC 7285 allows to only query results for one single ALTO cost metric in a given ALTO request. draft-ietf-alto-multi-cost defines a “new service that allows a client to retrieve several cost metrics with one request, which is considerably more   efficient” [draft-ietf-alto-multi-cost-04]. This is clearly a very useful extension of the ALTO protocol and covered in the current ALTO charter.

The working group is targeting this document as Standards Track, which is appropriate as the document extends the ALTO protocol, specifying new formats for allowed client requests (in JSON).

2. Review and Consensus
The document has been presented at multiple IETF meetings and discussed on the mailing list. It is well-known in the ALTO WG and there is clear consensus to standardise the proposed ALTO extension. A WGLC was issued on July 4, 2016.  During this WGLC a detailed review has been produced by Xin Wang, extensive additional comments were provided by Richard Yang and Hans Seidel. The comments raised have been addressed in the -03 version of draft-ietf-alto-multi-cost. Last outstanding comments have been finally addressed in the latest -04 (September 2016) and -05 versions (February 2017).

In summary, there is clear support and consensus for draft-ietf-alto-multi-cost in the ALTO WG, and it provides a very useful extension to the base ALTO protocol. A WGLC has successfully been passed, and extensive reviews were provided by various members of the WG and have all been addressed.

3. Intellectual Property
The shepherd confirms that each author has stated to him that to the best of his/her (i.e. the author’s) knowledge, all IPR related to this document has been disclosed.

There have been two IPR disclosures on this document (see and Both these IPR disclosures have been posted on the ALTO mailing list. There was no discussion on these IPR statements. 

4. Other Points
This document does not introduce any IANA considerations and does not introduce any privacy or security issues that are not already present in the ALTO protocol.