Shepherd writeup

Notes to RFC Editor:
1. Please note that Steve Deering does not wish his email to be attached to this document. He can be contacted via Bob Hinden.
2. Please note that the content of this document (except for the Abstract and Introduction) are NOT to be edited for anything other than format and layout. No corrections to grammar or spelling, and no changes for clarification are to be made to the historic record.

This document is proposed for publication as an Independent Submission RFC. It is being advanced as Historic.

Simple IP was an early proposal for a next generation Internet Protocol. It was a big influence on IPv6.

This document lifts the original Internet-Draft and adds it as an RFC for the archive enabling it to be more easily referenced including from educational material and explanations of IPv6.

Because of the nature of this document, there was no value in expert reviews of the content. However, several experts in IPv6 who were around at the time of the original work confirmed the value of publication as an RFC.

Consistent with the nature of the document, the Abstract and Introduction make it very clear that the document is an archival record of an incomplete protocol specification and that it is not intended for implementation.