Shepherd writeup

Review updated 2018-06-03 to cover -01.

(1) This document is of type Informational, which is 
the same type as RFC 3188 and is appropriate for
this specification.


Technical Summary

  This specification updates the URN namespace 
  registration for National Bibliography Numbers 
  (NBNs), which are used intensively by a number of 
  European national libraries. The primary change 
  from RFC 3188 is the addition of support for URN 
  q-components and f-components as specified in 
  RFC 8141 (the updated definition of URNs).

Working Group Summary

  This specification was slated to be completed by 
  the URNBIS Working Group but was decoupled from WG 
  deliverables because of changes made to the URN 
  namespace registration process between RFC 3406 
  and RFC 8141 (i.e., IETF consensus is no longer 
  required for registration of formal namespaces, only
  Expert Review). However, publication of this document 
  as an RFC will ensure that the updated definition of 
  NBN URNs is available in a stable specification that 
  obsoletes RFC 3188.

Document Quality

  As noted, a number of national libraries in Europe have 
  implemented systems that support the NBN namespace
  and have generated millions of URNs in the namespace.
  This specification accurately documents the syntax and
  management of the NBN namespace.


  The Document Shepherd is Peter Saint-Andre (co-author
  of RFC 8141). The Responsible Area Director is Alexey

(3) The Document Shepherd has reviewed the specification 
at several stages in its lifecycle as a WG and non-WG 
document, and deems the document ready for publication.

(4) The Document Shepherd has no concerns about the depth 
or breadth of reviews. John Klensin (the other co-author 
of RFC 8141) in particular has provided in-depth feedback, 
as have representatives of several national libraries in Europe.

(5) No special reviews are needed.

(6) Although from an editorial perspective several of the sections 
could be condensed, the Document Shepherd has no concerns 
with the substance of the specification.

(7) The author has confirmed that any and all appropriate 
IPR disclosures required for full conformance with the 
provisions of BCP 78 and BCP 79 have already been filed. 
However, he is not personally aware of any such IPR.

(8) No IPR disclosures have been filed with regard to this 
document because as far as we know there is no IPR.

(9) This document is not currently the product of a WG, but 
there was strong agreement to publish it when it was a 
deliverable of the URNBIS WG.

(10) No appeals or expressions of significant discontent have 

(11) There is an unused reference to RFC 1321.

(12) The document meets the review criteria for registration 
of formal URN namespaces as described in RFC 8141.

(13) All references within this document have been identified 
as either normative or informative. None of the informative 
references should be normative.

(14) There are no normative references to documents that are 
not ready for advancement.

(15) There are no downward normative references.

(16) Publication of this document will obsolete RFC 3188, and 
this change of status is noted in the title page header, listed 
in the abstract, and discussed in the introduction.

(17) The IANA considerations section requests an update to the 
existing registration for the NBN URN namespace (in line with 
the process specified in RFC 8141), and is consistent with the 
body of the document.

(18) No new IANA registries are requested.

(19) The ABNF definition in Section 4.2 has been checked, and
corrections were made in version -01 of the I-D.