Shepherd writeup

ISE write-up for: draft-donley-behave-deterministic-cgn-08

  "In some instances, Service Providers have a legal logging requirement
   to be able to map a subscriber's inside address with the address used
   on the public Internet (e.g. for abuse response).  Unfortunately,
   many Carrier Grade NAT logging solutions require active logging of
   dynamic translations.  Carrier Grade NAT port assignments are often
   per-connection, but could optionally use port ranges.  Research
   indicates that per-connection logging is not scalable in many
   residential broadband services.  This document suggests a way to
   manage Carrier Grade NAT translations in such a way as to
   significantly reduce the amount of logging required while providing
   traceability for abuse response.  While the authors acknowledge that
   IPv6 is a preferred solution, Carrier Grade NAT is a reality in many
   networks, and is needed in situations where either customer equipment
   or Internet content only supports IPv4; this approach should in no
   way slow the deployment of IPv6."

It was submitted to me by Chris Donley.

It was reviewed for me by Brian Carpenter and Wes George,
its authors have worked with the reviewers to improve it.

Wes suggested that perhaps it could be folded in with other subsetIPv4
drafts, but its authors decided to continue with it in the Independent Stream.

The document asks nothing of IANA.

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