Updating References to the IETF FTP Service

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Alvaro Retana Yes

John Scudder Yes

Comment (2021-10-05 for -04)
Nit, s/can be access/can be accessed/

Lars Eggert Yes

Martin Duke Yes

Comment (2021-10-05 for -04)
(3.1) I would recommend https://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/ as a shorter and more memorable URL than /in-notes, but obviously it's no big deal.

Martin Vigoureux Yes

Murray Kucherawy Yes

Éric Vyncke Yes

Benjamin Kaduk No Objection

Comment (2021-10-06 for -04)
Section 3.4

   The MIB in Section 3 of [RFC2954] is updated as follows:

Can we really update a MIB without changing its LAST-UPDATED stanza?
(Likewise for the other similar MIB updates.)
Maybe we should just say we update the text and not say anything about
the fact that it appears in a MIB...

Section 3.11


   [9] Ogier, R., Message in IETF email archive for MANET,
   ftp://ftp.ietf.org/ietf-mail-archive/manet/2002-03.mail, March 2002.


   [9] Ogier, R., Message in IETF email archive for MANET,
   March 2002.

Looks like a copy/paste issue about 2002-03 vs 2002-02.

RFC 5428

   The MIB in Section 5 of [RFC5428] is updated as follows:

I think the MIB is in Section 6, not 5.


Section 3.12


   [LEACH] Leach, P., email to IETF Kerberos working group mailing list,
   5 May 2003, ftp://ftp.ietf.org/ietf-mail- archive/krb-

The formatting and line break don't seem to have been preserved from the

Section 3.16


   [DAI] Dai, W., "An attack against SSH2 protocol", Email to the SECSH
   Working Group ietf-ssh@netbsd.org ftp:// ftp.ietf.org/ietf-mail-
   archive/secsh/2002- 02.mail, Feb 2002.


Section 4

   more secure way.  For example, HTTPS provides an encrypted channel
   that includes protections such as verifying the server's identity per
   the certificate verification behavior of the client, and integrity
   and confidentiality commensurate with the negotiated TLS protocol
   version and ciphersuite.

s/commensurate/protection commensurate/

Erik Kline No Objection

Comment (2021-09-30 for -03)
[S3.11, nit]

* "March 002" -> "March 2002"

[S3.16, nit]

* Stray space still in the replacement URI?

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Robert Wilton No Objection

Comment (2021-10-01 for -03)
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send info
Roman, thanks for doing this.

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Thanks for the work put into this document.

Roman Danyliw Recuse

Comment (2021-10-04 for -03)
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Recusing as I am the author.  

Éric Vyncke: thank you for AD sponsoring this document.