Shepherd writeup

draft-contraras-layered-sdn is proposed for publication as an Informational RFC on the Independent Submissions Stream.

This document describes an approach named Cooperating Layered Architecture for Software Defined Networking.  The idea is to differentiate the control functions associated with transport of packets from those functions related to services. This separation is done in such a way that the functions can be provided and maintained independently, and can follow their own evolution paths.

This document was first brought to the SDNRG where it received some discussion and was presented to the Research Group at a face-to-face meeting. The SDNRG was closed, and the authors have been looking for a place to archive this work: the chairs of the former RG suggested an Independent Submission. The authors are clear that the document is their own work and, while it has received input from the IRTF, it is not the product of the IRTF or the IETF.

The ISE pinged the IRTF chair to see whether there were nay concerns with publication, and received no response.

This version of the document has benefitted from commissioned reviews by Gert Grammel and Georgios Karagiannis, and also from reviews by the previous and current ISEs. The document has been updated accordingly.