Additional Criteria for Nominating Committee Eligibility

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- 'Additional Criteria for Nominating Committee Eligibility'
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Technical Summary

   This document defines a process experiment under RFC 3933 that temporarily updates the criteria for qualifying volunteers to participate in the IETF Nominating Committee. It therefore also updates the criteria for qualifying signatories to a community recall petition. The purpose is to make the criteria more flexible in view of increasing remote participation in the IETF and a reduction in face-to-face meetings. The experiment is of fixed duration and will apply to one, or at most two, Nominating Committee cycles. This document temporarily varies the rules in RFC 8713.

Working Group Summary

   This document is AD-sponsored and followed the typical process. 

Document Quality

   The document was thoroughly reviewed by multiple individuals and discussed on the eligibility-discuss mailing list.


   Bron Gondwana is the document shepherd. Alissa Cooper is the responsible AD.