Problem Statement

Document Charter Problem Statement WG (problem)
Title Problem Statement
Last updated 2004-11-01
State Approved
WG State Concluded
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Discussions during 2002 have revealed a significant number of thoughts
about problems that exist with the way the IETF operates. In advance of
trying to change the IETF procedures and rules to deal with these
problems, the IETF should have a clear, agreed description of what
problems we are trying to solve.

This group is charged with producing the document describing these
problems. The analysis of the problem should seek out the root causes 
of the problems as well as the perceived derivative problems.

The intent is that the group will discuss issues on its mailing list,
and that there will be an editing team to produce a clear concise
problem statement on which the group has come to consensus and present
to the IETF as a basis for an IETF consensus.

As a second work item, the group will also produce a proposal for a
process to develop solutions to the problems identified by this working

It is not a part of this group's charter to propose solutions to the

The work items will be reviewed in IESG plenary at the IETF.