Point-to-Point Protocol Extensions

Document Charter Point-to-Point Protocol Extensions WG (pppext)
Title Point-to-Point Protocol Extensions
Last updated 1989-10-02
State Approved
WG State Concluded
IESG Responsible AD Brian Haberman
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The Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP, RFC 1661) is a mature protocol with a
  large number of subprotocols, encapsulations and other extensions. The
  PPPEXT working group exists to provide a forum for asking clarifications
  about the existing specifications and to defend against enhancements
  of questionable value. The group is not expected to create new
  specifications, and if a need for such work comes up, a recharter is
  required. The group may, however, advance existing specifications
  to the next level in the standards track, if a need for that comes up.
  Similarly, the group may classify existing specifications as Historic
  where this is appropriate.